Off the Rails: Pizza Shop Delivers to Hungry Passenger on Stalled Amtrak Train

After two hours on the busted train, Logan McHugh was fed up, and starving.

One “hangry” passenger stuck on an Amtrak train was so starving that he had pizza delivered to him as he waited to get moving.

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Amtrak train #161 from New York City to Washington D.C. had stopped dead with a mechanical problem in Delaware Sunday afternoon.

After two hours at a standstill, Logan McHugh was getting fed up — and so was his stomach — so he called in an order from a local pizzeria.

He called Dom's New York Style Pizzeria in the town of Newport, Del.

Another passenger shot an image of Jim Leary arriving at the stalled train carrying the pizzas.

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“I was coming down the embankment with two pizzas, like whoa,” delivery man Jim Leary told Inside Edition. "The people on the train were all hooting and hollering, 'We want pizza, too!'" 

He said he found the hungry passenger hanging out by the door and handed him the pizza. 

McHugh, with his fellow passengers, had to be transferred to a rescue train but at least he wasn't hungry, thanks to a very dedicated pizza delivery guy.

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