Two 100-Year-Olds Who Share the Same Birthday Go on Blind Date

Neither of them had ever been on a blind date before.

Two 100-year-olds recently went on a blind date and it may be leading to a lasting relationship.

Arthur Moult and Florence Philips were brought together after home support staff realized the pair shared the same milestone birthday.

So they set them up on a date at a local supermarket café in England.

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Neither senior citizen had ever been on a blind date before. The two shared a special meal and a cake on their date, which ended with Arthur serenading Florence.

“Arthur is a wonderful man and he has a wonderful singing voice,” Florence told Caters News. “He sang Ave Maria to me, which I hadn't heard since I was a teenager. It brought back so many memories and I thought it was so beautiful."

The pair both live independently at home and are determined to carry on seeing each other despite living 11 miles apart. They even met each other’s family just three weeks after their first meeting.

"Meeting Florence was really nice,” Arthur said. "She's a lovely person to talk to and she has a great sense of humor. It's nice to talk to someone the same age as me who remembers many of the things that I do.”

Arthur’s wife died 25 years ago while Florence’s husband died in his 50s.

"I have lived alone since, but being with Florence is very fun,” Arthur said. “It would be lovely to keep seeing her."

Diane Sellers, of Moorlands Home Link, an organization that aims to support older people and allow them to continue living independently, said she’s happy she was able to bring the two together.

"When I spotted that they had both been born on the same day, I couldn't resist bringing them together,” Sellers said. “I felt like Cilla Black when they got on so well and Arthur asked if they could make a date for the same time next year.”

Since then, Arthur has brought Florence chocolates and flowers and sung to his newfound companion on several more occasions.

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"It's lovely that he sings to me every time," Florence said. "I think it's a really sweet gesture."

She added: "We had a laugh about how exciting it is — and how worn out it makes you feel. I’m exhausted. It's just not that easy when you are 100."

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