Family Says Their Dog Willingly Spends His Time on Roof: 'We Know He's Up There'

Passing motorists often pass by to let Huck's owners know he's up there, but he does it all the time.

A dog in Austin, Texas, has made the roof of his masters’ home his favorite place.

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The golden retriever named Huck, short for Huckleberry, loves spending much of his day on the roof.

Other dogs in the neighborhood gaze at him and look a little jealous, they also probably wonder, like most humans, how he got up there.

The sight of Huck on the roof is a viral sensation, and social media has been flooded with photos of the dog sitting there, just chilling out.

"Just saw the bravest most glorious puppy of all time perched majestically on a roof,” one person posted.

Motorists who drive by the house are sometimes taken aback because they think Huck is stranded, according to his owners, Justin and Allie Lindenmuth.

"He just wants to check everything out," she told Inside Edition. "They see a dog up there and that is not your norm, so they come and run to the door and say, ‘Oh my gosh! There is a dog on your roof!’ Our reaction to that is, 'We know!’”

So many people ring the bell that a note has been posted on their door that reads: “We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on our door, we know he's up there.”

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The roof of the house slopes into a hill in the backyard and it's only a 3-foot jump for Huck to get up there. They do not let him on the roof if it is damp or bad weather. 

"Huck The Roof Dog" has more than 20,000 Instagram followers and the ultimate watchdog is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

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