Pit Bull Bites 2 Pre-K Students After Getting Inside Elementary School

Parents at Quail Creek Elementary are furious.

Two young children were bitten at an Oklahoma elementary school when a dog somehow managed to get inside a classroom.

That's according to a letter sent home to parents of kids at Quail Creek Elementary in Oklahoma City last week.

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"This morning, a dog entered our building and was able to run into a Pre-K classroom and injured two students," the letter began.

According to local reports, the dog was a 72-pound pit bull mix that walked in behind some students before they could shut the doors.

The school said one of the students had bite marks and was taken to a hospital for treatment. The other student was sent home for the day. Both students returned to school the following day.

"School administrators immediately contacted district security and animal control to remove the dog from the property," the school statement read.

Officials said the dog had no tag. It was captured by animal welfare officials and will be held in rabies quarantine.

Perplexed area residents have no idea where the dog even came from.

"I don't know how the dog could get inside and to attack the children," Zac Henderson, who lives nearby, told KFOR. That's pretty sad."

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No one has come forward to claim the animal. Once quarantined for 10 days to observe for signs of rabies, it is likely to be euthanized. 

Ensuring that a situation like this never happens again is their utmost concern, the school said.

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