Elin Accompanies Tiger Back to Rehab

Tiger Woods flew to a sex rehab facility in Arizona the day after his public apology, and he was accompanied by his wife Elin and the kids! INSIDE EDITION reports.

Tiger takes off!  The day after his extraordinary public apology Tiger Woods jetted to Arizona to continue rehab for sex addiction.

And Tiger's wife Elin and their two kids flew on the jet with him! Their Gulfstream 5 jet was seen taking off from Orlando on the night of February 20th.

Before flying out of town, Elin was spotted engaging in some retail therapy; she ignored questions from photographers.

Meanwhile, the media is still reacting to Woods's public apology. Woods was blasted by ABC News analyst George Will, who said, "If your problem is your behavior has revealed your public persona to be a fake, you shouldn't stage this grotesquely fake press conference."   

And Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn took a break from the games to mock the golfer's apology, poking fun at the people in the front row who hugged Woods after his televised speech.

"They're like, 'Yeah, you're awesome. You go have that sex,' " Vonn joked to Time magazine.  

But Woods's speech earned high marks from Barbara Walters, who said she thought it was a "very effective" apology.

And Woods's pal from Stanford University, Notah Begay, who sat in the front row during the extraordinary apology, defended Woods on the Today show.

"The degree of emotion and humility that he articulated through his statement was unlike anything I've ever seen," said Begay.

Most Americans seem to believe Tiger did a good job apologizing. Asked if the superstar was being sincere, 60 percent of people in a new internet poll said yes, but 40 percent aren't buying the apology.