Brad Pitt, Stephen Colbert Ponder Deep Questions of the Universe: 'That Cloud Looks Like Sean Spicer'

The duo appeared on a blanket for a "Late Show" skit Tuesday night.

Brad Pitt made his return to late night TV on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday in an appearance where he and the host got philosophical.

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Lying on a blanket, Pitt and Colbert pondered deep questions and the mysteries of the universe as they gazed at the stars and space as a portion of the Ed Sullivan Theater was altered to look like a backyard. 

“Why do we only remember some of our dreams?” the Fight Club actor asked.

“Because not all of our dreams are about having sex in a helicopter," the host joked.

The sketch included a dig at the Trump administration.

“Hey, what do you see when you look up there?” Pitt asked.

“I see an endless void, no answers, no meaning, no way to construct coherence from the swirling chaos,” Colbert replied.

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“You see all that when you look into space?” a flabbergasted Pitt asked.

“No, it's just that cloud looks like Sean Spicer,” Colbert joked.

As they struggled to keep straight faces, the skit ends with a not-so-shameless plug for the actor’s new Netflix movie, War Machine.

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