It's a Mare-acle! Firefighters Save Horse Stuck in Mud During 6-Hour Rescue

She is now up and walking on her own.

Thanks to a Florida fire department, one horse will live to gallop another day.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue received a call about a horse stuck deep in the mud on Monday.

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“We noticed she was stuck up to her chest and she couldn’t get out,” spokesman Corey Dierdorff told

The 25-year-old horse, Kiersa, couldn’t move and initial attempts to get her out were unsuccessful.

Eventually Kiersa was sedated to allow rescuers to pull her out with better equipment.

“We were able to get padded straps underneath her,” Dierdorff said.

After six hours, the fire department rescued the mare and 30 minutes later, she woke up from her sedation even standing up. 

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Thankfully, Kiersa had no major injuries.

“The horse never gave up the will to live,” Dierdorff said. "It was a powerful moment out there. “She was able to stand up and to wobble around a little bit and now she’s up walking. It’s always a blessing when you have a good outcome with any rescue. Every life is a life, whether it’s human or animal.”

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