7-Year-Old Captures Man-Like Figure in the Clouds During Flight

The mom was shocked upon seeing the image.

When Kerry Frey Liles and her 7-year-old son were on a recent flight, this man-shaped cloud was apparently watching over them to make sure they landed safely.

Liles, of Texas, said she was on a flight from Baltimore to Houston with her son AAsher, who has Down syndrome, when he became a little afraid of turbulence.

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“I was taking a picture of the cloud and when he saw the phone out, he took the phone from me and started taking pictures," Liles told InsideEdition.com. "I thought maybe it would take his mind of the turbulence.”

Liles said AAsher began taking hundreds of photos of the clouds, but it wasn’t until later that the mom realized just what he’d captured.

“I was like I need to go through and delete some photos," Liles said. "I am going through the photos and then I was like, ‘Woah, what is that?’ He couldn’t tell me what he thought it was. He is non-verbal.”

The image looked like a cloud in the shape of a man with his hands raised.

Liles decided to post the image to Facebook to see what others thought it was.

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“I am not sure if this is cool or creepy,” one commenter wrote.

While Liles said she’s definitely not pushing her opinion on anyone else, she thinks the image is AAsher’s guardian angel.

“He was not scared anymore after that,” Liles said.

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