From 'Deal or No Deal' to Royalty: Ex-Game Show Models Recall Working With Meghan Markle | Inside Edition

From 'Deal or No Deal' to Royalty: Ex-Game Show Models Recall Working With Meghan Markle

Before the actress dated Prince Harry, she was a game show star.

Deal or No Deal was a monster success for NBC 11 years ago and featured a bevy of beautiful women carrying numbered silver suitcases.

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One of the women was Meghan Markle, who would later star in Suits and then capture the heart of Prince Harry.

Inside Edition tracked down some of the women who appeared on the show alongside Markle to see what they are doing today.

Markle carried suitcase Number 24, and next to her with Number 23 was Aubrie Lemon.

The mom of two and professional photographer wasn't surprised when she found out Markle had won the heart of a prince.

“Meg is beautiful, smart, talented; she absolutely deserves to be a princess,” she told Inside Eiditon.

Leyla Milani also shared the stage with Markle. She remembers how focused Markle was on becoming a famous actress.

“One day she's next to me getting fitted for a dress the next day a princess,” Milani told Inside Edition. “She was always reading scripts.”

Milani now has her own line of haircare products called Lyala Milani Hair.

Lindsay Clubine, who displayed suitcase Number 26, and has quite a love story of her own.

“I have a baseball player; she has a prince,” she told Inside Edition.

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Now a full time mom of three, Clubine traded her silver suitcase for a diaper bag as she travels to baseball stadiums across the country to support her husband, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Clay Buchholz.

The pair was introduced by Donald Trump after he appeared on the show.

“It’s a cute story; how many people can say that the president introduced us?” she said.

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