3 Teens Charged With Killing Boy, 6, Who Was Inside Car They Stole: Cops

Kingston Frazier was left alone in a Toyota Camry in a Kroger parking lot on Thursday.

A little boy was allegedly murdered Thursday by three teenagers who cops say stole a car with him inside.

Kingston Frazier, 6, was left alone in a Toyota Camry in a Kroger parking lot in Hinds County, Mississippi, at 1:15 a.m. while his mom ran inside, according to the sheriff's office.

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When Kingston's mother left the store, she found her car was missing and alerted authorities.

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason said at a Thursday news conference that, at that point, they did not receive information that a child was in the car.

When police learned about the boy, deputies contacted Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Jackson Police Department. The Mississippi Burea of Investigation immediately issued an Amber alert.

The boy's body was found in the back of an abandoned Toyota Camry later Thursday morning. Kingston had suffered a fatal bullet wound.

A witness who contacted police provided information about the last person police say was seen driving a silver Honda Civic used by the suspects.

Police were then able to get a positive identity of the driver and have also identified two other suspects.

Byron McBride, 19, DeAllen Washington, 17, and Dwan Diondro Wakefield, 17, have all been arrested and charged with capital murder. 

In a statement, Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber offered condolences to Kingston's family.

"At this time, we all share the sentiment of a broken heart for Kingston and his family. It is important that we express and assure, that as a City, there is no tolerance on any level for acts of violence against children. Now is the time for Jacksonians to unite under the banner of love and restoration. The bereaved family is in our prayers as we continue to seek justice for Kingston," the statement read.

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Governor Phil Bryant also released a statement Thursday night: "There are no words to express the anger and sadness over the loss of Kingston Frazier. The innocence and life of a six-year-old child have been taken by a horrific crime. It is time this senseless violence end. We can all pray that God will assuage the pain of Kingston's family and friends, while we hold the guilty accountable."

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