Twins 'Ping' and 'Pong' May Be Tiny But Their Closest Relatives Are Elephants

"The giveaway is their amazing trunk-like snout," a zoo spokesperson said.

Two tiny sengis were born earlier this month at the Chester Zoo in England.

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The twins, Ping and Pong, were aptly named for their size – neither Ping nor Pong was larger than a table tennis ball when they were born.

Ironically enough, the genetic makeup of the species links them closely to an elephant – which is why they are also known as the elephant shrew.

“The giveaway is their amazing trunk-like snout,” said small mammals manager Dave White, according to a press release.

Even though they will only grow to a maximum size of four inches, sengis can reach speeds of up to 18 miles per hour, which makes them two times faster than a cheetah if they were the same size.

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The species is native to Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. They were bred at the zoo in an effort to find out more about the tiny animals.

“Collecting information like this and developing skills along the way can be vital when it comes to assisting with the conservation of similar, highly threatened species in the wild,” White said.

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