INSIDE EDITION Reports from London on the Royal Wedding's Latest News

INSIDE EDITION’s Deborah Noville reports from London on the latest royal wedding news, including an elaborate party Prince Harry is reportedly throwing at Buckingham Palace.

Kate and William's wedding of the century is going to be one wild night, thanks to best man Prince Harry. The party-loving Prince is planning an elaborate after party at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry is transforming three staterooms into a night club. He's hired a DJ and orders were given for drinks to flow all night until the survivors breakfast at 6 a.m. No need to worry about the Queen because she has decided her contribution to the party is not to be there.

INSIDE EDITION's Special Correspondent Amanda Holden of Britan's Got Talent reports from outside Westminster Abbey, the site of the royal "I do's."

"I absolutely love the fact that he turned Buckingham Palace into a disco! I imagine he's asked the staff to leave so they can't see the shenanigans they're getting into," said Holden.

And if you aren't one of the lucky 1,900 on the invite list, don't worry. You won't miss a single moment. There is no chance of missing any of the wedding action at Westminster Abbey because remote controlled cameras are everywhere. Tiny cameras have even been hidden in flower arrangements so no one misses a shot.

"Simon Cowell has lent some of his production team to the covering. This means there will be cameras everywhere. When you think you're safe but you won't be," said Holden.

There's wedding drama about the seating arrangements. The royal family will be sitting on the right. But the Spencers, including Princess Diana's brother, were placed on the left, behind Kate Middleton's family.

With just four days to go, security has been beefed up big time. London's MI-5 now says a terrorist attack on William and Kate's wedding day is "highly likely," with the the biggest threats coming from the Irish Republican Army.

"I've never seen so much police. There are vans everywhere. There are armed guards at every area in London," said Holden.

Security will be minus one of Buckingham Palace's famed Scots Guards. One 18-year-old Guardsman has been suspended after bashing princess bride Kate on his Facebook page.

Cameron Reilly blasts Kate as a "stupid, stuck up cow" and a "posh [expletive deleted]."

"It's a massive let down for the royal family. Being a Scots Guard is not easy. You have to go through several courses and be highly trained. And to put something on Facebook is insane. I'm sure his job is in jeopardy," said Holden.

Speculation is heating up that the royal honeymoon will now take place on the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Lizard Island in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Kate bought two teeny bikinis for the trip on her honeymoon shopping spree—proof that the newlyweds are heading to a warm weather destination.