Boy Speechless After Military Dad Surprises Him During School Presentation on Patriotism

Second Class Petty Officer Ryan Fountaine had been stationed in the western Pacific Ocean for seven months.

A Florida boy was left speechless during a school performance when he was surprised by his dad, who had finally come home after spending seven months at sea with the Navy.

Adam Fountaine, 6, proudly wore his favorite red shirt to Camelot Elementary on Friday, where he and his class had planned to learn about patriotism.

He wore the shirt in honor of his father, Second Class Petty Officer Ryan Fountaine, who had been stationed in the western Pacific Ocean for seven months.

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But unbeknownst to little Adam, his daddy had come home, and with the help of his son’s class, was set to surprise him at school, WKMG-TV reported

Adam was on stage performing with a few classmates when his father made his appearance.

The little boy was stunned, finally yelling “Daddy! Dada!”

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After getting over the initial shock of having his father finally home, Adam quickly began catching his dad up on what had been going on. 

“I have a game, and it’s really hard,” Adam excitedly told his father as the pair hugged. “I keep having to start over again.”

“I can probably help you, buddy,” his father said.

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