Knockoff Of Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Based On Conjecture

INSIDE EDITION talks to one fashion designer who isn’t waiting to see Kate Middleton’s wedding dress before he creates his own version of what he thinks she will wear.

Speculating about who is designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress is all part of the royal wedding fun.

INSIDE EDITION's Special Correspondent, Amanda Holden, of Britain's Got Talent, has her own theory: "Hairdressers are always right and my hairdresser is actually doing a very prominent member of the royal family's hair on the big day. I have been told it's Alexander McQueen."

Alexander McQueen committed suicide last year. Middleton's wedding dress is reportedly the work of McQueen's creative director Sarah Burton.

The House of McQueen is denying the story.

It's a tradition for the designer of the royal wedding gown to deny reports that they are making the dress right up until the wedding day.

Meanwhile, a knockoff of Middleton's wedding dress is already for sale, even though there is no wedding dress to knock off yet!

Don O'Neill, the creative director of Theia Bridal House in Manhattan, is predicting what Middleton's dress will look like.

"Why do you think the dress will look like this?" INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked.

"I did a lot of research of Kate, she is drop dead gorgeous and she has a beautiful body. So I figure her wedding dress will follow slim, form-fitting, showing off that beautiful body that she has," said O' Neill.