Plenty of Fish in the Sea: Lonely Penguin Joins Dating Site To Search For His One True Love

The park is just trying to have one less lonely penguin.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea and one penguin is hoping to find just one.

Spruce, a 1-year-old male Humboldt penguin living at Weymouth Sea Life Park in the U.K., joined the dating site Plenty of Fish to help him find that special someone.

“Spruce is quite a young penguin at one-year-old; we wouldn’t normally expect a Humboldt penguin to be looking for a mate this young. Spruce is clearly quite an early starter, which is why we are eager to start putting feelers out now so that when Spruce is mature enough to father chicks, he is already in a stable relationship,” said Sarah Everett, a penguin specialist at the park.

According to the young bachelor’s profile, he doesn’t drink or smoke. He’s very ambitious. He’s also a professional swimmer.

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Spruce got pretty specific about what he was looking for on his profile: “a partner for life who I can make some little chicks with, as I'm a family man at heart.”

His future mate must also be willing to relocate to Weymouth to join him at the Sea Life park, a move that could make or break any relationship.

Penguins are reportedly very affectionate birds by nature and usually mate for life and matching a Humboldt penguin is no easy feat.

His wingmen and wingwomen, a.k.a officials at the park, will need to investigate bloodlines and other factors before attempting to make a match.

“Our team hand reared Spruce from a chick and we successfully reintroduced him into our penguin colony. All the adult penguins are now entering their breeding season and are busy making nests. It would be nice for Spruce to have another single penguin to spend his time with, rather than his keepers,” Everett added.

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Weymouth Sea Life Park understands many aquariums may not want to let their treasured penguins go, so they are casting a wide net to try to reach as many aquariums and parks as possible.

The hope is someone will find it in their heart to match two lonely penguins to create a perfect love story.

“I really want to see Spruce settle down with the right girl, and after searches for potential mates at other Sea Life centres proved fruitless – they have the same problem as us, too many boys - I thought it was time to look further afield,” Everett added.

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