Disruptive Man Wearing 'Make America Great Again' Hat Gets Escorted Off United Flight

The man's alleged behavior, some of which can be seen in the footage, was so unruly the flight crew ended up asking every passenger to leave the plane.

Video out of China appears to show an unruly passenger wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat being escorted from a United Airlines flight.

According to social media posts from at least one person on the flight from Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey, the man was making outrageous demands of the flight crew leading up to the recording.

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The man's alleged behavior, some of which can be seen in the footage, was so unruly the flight crew ended up asking every passenger to leave the plane.

The already delayed flight didn't end up leaving Shanghai for three more hours, and once it did, the pilots were forced to make an unscheduled stop in San Francisco in order to swap out the exhausted crew, according to United.

Clark Gredoña wrote about the incident on Facebook in a post that put the fault squarely on the Trump supporter. The post read, in part:

Already delayed an hour coming out of Shanghai to EWR when an older man in my row with a 'Make America Great Again' hat decides to make a ruckus and delay everybody else.

He insists that, because he couldn't get an upgrade, he's entitled to all three seats next to him even though they're assigned to somebody else.

Captain, crew, and airport staff come over. Man threatens that they'll have to drag him off the plane.

Gredoña, who praised the United crew for handling the situation professionally, went on to say the man eventually allowed himself to be led off the plane.

While in route, however, Gredoña said the man referred to a woman on the plane as "Hillary" and "lesbian."

"Everybody is standing, calling him an a******, and urging him to leave," Gredoña wrote. 

In the video, passengers can be heard chanting "lock him up!" as the man is finally escorted away from the gate.

Gredoña says there was a sense of camaraderie in the face of a mutual enemy.

"Probably thinking that I'm hungry, the older Chinese lady (who can't speak any English) sitting next to me offered me a cookie," Gredoña wrote in an update.

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In a statement to the press, United also noted the patience of the passengers, writing:

While boarding United flight 87, from Shanghai to Newark, a customer refused to comply with crew member instructions and became increasingly disruptive when asked to deplane the aircraft. For safety and security reasons, local law enforcement was called to assist and the customer eventually left the aircraft on his own accord. The flight departed Shanghai approximately three hours late and stopped in San Francisco to recrew as a result. We’re grateful for the patience shown by our customers who endured the disruptive behavior of this passenger, as well as the exceptional poise and professionalism of our flight crew.

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