Cops Are Looking for Person Who Donated Bags of Pot With Baby Clothes: 'Hey Genius'

If you lost a bunch of marijuana, please call the Maplewood Police Department in Minnesota.

Missing 111 grams of marijuana in tied, tidy, tiny, plastic bags? Call the Maplewood Police Department in Minnesota. They're waiting to hear from you.

“Hey genius,” the department wrote on its Twitter page. “You forgot something in your pants pocket … sucks to be you.”

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A children’s store that buys “gently used” clothing and toys got more than its usual drop-off.

Employees at Once Upon a Child called the cops after going through a bag of clothes and discovering a large Ziplock bag containing 60 small bindles, each carrying about two grams of pot.

Usually, customers will drop off items and then return later to find out what the store is willing to pay for the no longer needed baby and toddler togs.

But in this case, which occurred last week, no one came back to the store.

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“If you accidentally donated 111 grams of marijuana along with your clothing earlier to a local store, please come to the PD so we can unite you!” the agency wrote on its Facebook page.

“We know you spent a lot of time dividing them into these perfectly measured baggies & must be missing them.”

Not surprisingly, no one has come forward.

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