Man Charged With Killing Quadriplegic and Pregnant Fiancee

Andres Bohn Reyes allegedly failed to call 911 to help girlfriend Bridget Charlebois, for whom he was also paid to provide care.

An Arizona man was arrested last week on charges he allowed his pregnant quadriplegic fiancee to die during a medical emergency rather than call 911.

That's according to authorities in Maricopa County, where cops say 22-year-old victim Bridget Charlebois lived with Andres Bohn Reyes prior to her death and that of her full-term baby boy in 2014.

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According to court documents, Reyes failed to provide assistance or call for help despite the fact he was not only Charlebois' fiance but also her paid caregiver.

Authorities say Charlebois was nine months pregnant and "confined to a wheel chair [sic] and [was] unable to care for or defend herself" when she suffered a medical emergency and died at her Glendale home.

Not until an autopsy was performed did Charlebois' parents, who adopted her as an infant victim of shaken baby syndrome, discover she was nine months pregnant.

In the years since, investigators say they collected enough evidence to charge Reyes with two counts of murder as well as with abuse Charlebois allegedly suffered in her final years.

The abuse allegedly began at least as far back as 2013, when police say Reyes shot plastic BBs at Charlebois with an airsoft gun.

Months later, police allege that same form of abuse occurred again at the Glendale home where the couple lived together after Charlebois moved out of her parents' house and fired her caregivers at age 21.

Around that same time, near the end of 2013, Reyes allegedly left Charlebois to sit helplessly for 12 hours without food or water in a diaper soiled with feces and urine. 

Weeks later, the neglect allegedly happened again, but this time it became deadly, cops say. 

While it is not publicly known what killed Charlebois, “There is medical evidence found at autopsy by the Maricopa County Medical Examiner to support the fact that proper medical intervention might have prevented the death," court documents say.

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What's more, "proper medical intervention might have prevented the death of the unborn child" the court documents allege.

Reyes was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of vulnerable adult abuse.

He is being held on $250,000 bail.

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