Suspect Arrested After Sketch of Fedora-Wearing Intruder Sure Looks Like Zorro

Cops in Belleville, N.J., say the suspect was wearing a mask.

A suspect has been arrested after police in New Jersey released a sketch of the alleged thief that looks an awful lot like Zorro.

Belleville Police announced the arrest of Jermaine Ramirez, 25, Tuesday after New Jersey State Police created the sketch last week following the May 19 break-in.

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The suspect was described as a Hispanic male wearing a fedora style hat, a thin mask over his eyes and a black and neon green shirt.

But instead of defending the people with his sword, this Zorro is accused of victimizing them.

According to a statement from Belleville police, a female victim asleep next to her children woke up and discovered the suspect inside her residence.

She says the man grabbed her and tried pulling her into another room.

At that point, police say the victim’s child woke up during the struggle and ran upstairs to alert his grandfather. The suspect was then scared off and fled, cops said.

The suspect allegedly managed to take about $20 from the victims’ purse while still in the home after he entered through a side door and then exited through a basement window. 

Police canvassing the neighborhood following the incident said they found surveillance footage taken close to the scene of the crime. In that footage, police say the suspect can be seen carrying a water bottle in front of the victim's home. 

That bottle was later found at the scene and sent to a lab for DNA testing.

But well before any results could have possibly come back, old-fashioned police work paid off with an arrest when authorities say they recognized — that's right, with the help of the police sketch — the suspect from previous incidents in September.

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Police got a search warrant for the home of that suspect, identified as Ramirez, where they say they found clothing that matched the garments worn by the masked burglar.

He was arrested and taken to police headquarters, where cops say he admitted to the May 19 burglary.

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