Critically Endangered Baby Black Rhino Enjoys Nose Rubs, Days After Birth

Moyo, meaning "heart" in Swahili, can't get enough of nose rubs from his keeper.

This baby black rhino is the newest addition to the Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri and already, he's making himself at home.

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The critically endangered black rhino calf Moyo, born last week, can be seen in the zoo's footage enjoying nose rubs from a keeper.

He can also be seen in the video taking some of his first steps, and learning to walk on his own.

While Moyo is still tiny, he could grow to become more than 3,000 pounds — which is about as heavy as a car.

Moyo, which means "heart" in Swahili, is spending time behind the scenes where he is nursing well and bonding with his mother Kati Rain and father Ajabu.

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His birth is a part of the zoo's efforts to repopulate the black rhino population.

There are currently 60 Eastern black rhinos living in captivity in zoos around the U.S. and an estimated 5,000 left in the wild.

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