20-Foot Python is On the Loose in Missouri After It Escaped Owner's Home

His owner fears the worst.

A Missouri man has been left devastated after his 20-foot pet python escaped from his home nearly a week ago.

Ben Trexel III has had his beloved Burmese python, SS Wraps, for nine years, but six days ago, a tree fell on the roof of a room that housed the snake.

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When Trexel returned home, SS Wraps was gone.

“As soon as I found something happened to the house I came home and I didn’t see him in the cage,” Trexel told InsideEdition.com. “I started freaking out and thought maybe he got into the walls. And he wasn’t there.”

Trexel said he scoured the neighborhood to no avail and as time goes on, he thinks the odds of his pet being found alive are slim.

“I’m nervous," Trexel said. "Sad, because knowing the weather we’ve had for the last few nights at 40 degrees. If he’s not somewhere warm there is a chance he is not alive. He has to stay above 50 degrees.” 

SS Wraps is reportedly not aggressive and has never bit anyone. Burmese pythons will typically not attack humans unless they are provoked.

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Trexel said the local fire department will aid in the search Wednesday with a drone, which can detect thermal heat. 

“It’s been days," he said. "It’s sad and depressing. I am stressed." 

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