New Yorkers Take Cross-Country Cab Ride

Two New Yorkers decided on a whim to take a taxi ride from New York to Los Angeles, and they actually found a cab driver who would take them! INSIDE EDITION reports.

Did you hear the one about the New York City taxicab driver who took two passengers across the country?

It's not a joke, it really happened!

John Belitsky, an investment banker, had a wacky urge to ride from New York to Los Angeles in a yellow cab.

Enter Mohammed Alam, the Bangladeshi-born driver who agreed to drive Belitsky and his buddy, Dan Wuebben, from coast to coast!

From the New York starting point, the cab rolled onto Interstate 80 and that took them all the way to Nebraska...from there, it was south on I-76 to Denver, then I-70 to Utah and finally Interstate 5 to Los Angeles, a 3000-mile journey.

The driver charged them a flat-rate fee of $5,000 for the six-day trip, but had the meter been running, it would have cost an estimated $17,000!

The people they met along the way were surprised by their ambitious mission.

There were magical moments for the travelers, such as pulling up to the breath-taking Grand Canyon.

At last they reached California, the end of a journey none of them will ever forget.