Melania and Ivanka Trump Wear Black Veils and Long-Sleeved Dresses to Meet the Pope

The first lady and first daughter were both dressed all in black for the meeting.

As Melania Trump met with the pope, she and first daughter Ivanka Trump looked like they were attending a funeral — and not a meeting with the pontiff — as they donned all black and veils.

The first lady wore a long-sleeved lace Dolce & Gabbana dress with a veil, and Ivanka followed suit.

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Melania's causing quite a stir during her first overseas trip as the first lady, and her wardrobe has come under close scrutiny.

A pumpkin-colored leather skirt worn at the White House last Friday and the white suit she wore in Israel speaks to a certain theme, Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan says.

“I tend to connect her look to the 80s because of the strong shoulder, I think of Dallas and Dynasty,” she told Inside Edition.

Then there's her belt, a go-to accessory for the first lady.

“The belt is definitely emerging as one of her signatures. I sort of describe it as a way she can show off her slim waist,” Givhan said.

Observers have noted that Mrs. Trump generally projects a very serious demeanor. It could be her way of exercising control.

"One of the interesting things is that even though she knows she's on the world stage, she does not feel compelled to smile,” Givhan said. “She smiles when she wants to or when it's appropriate.”

But not even our self-controlled first lady could keep a straight face when the pope cracked a joke about her husband’s weight.

Pope Francis spoke Italian as he asked her, "What are you feeding him, potica?”

Melania, who speaks fluent Italian, laughed and replied, "Potica," a high-calorie pastry from her home country of Slovenia that is traditionally served on Christmas and Easter.

A Vatican spokeswoman has said that whenever the pope meets someone from Slovenia, he likes to talk about the pastry.

Potica is like coffee cake and it's made with all kinds of scrumptious ingredients.

It can be either savory or sweet and too much of it could certainly add on some pounds.

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Inside Edition went to Le Balcon, a European bakery in Los Angeles that serves traditional desserts from Slovenia.

They showed us that you roll out the dough and then add your favorite ingredients, in the version they made us, they put in nuts and honey.

Then, roll the dough like a pinwheel, bake it, slice it up and serve.

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