Days After Apparently Swatting Her Husband's Away, Melania Trump Seen Holding President's Hand

The intimate moment was captured as they gazed upon the Michelangelo paintings inside the Sistine Chapel.

During their first overseas trip as president and first lady, the Trumps visited the Sistine Chapel in Rome, where Melania was seen holding her husband’s hand Wednesday evening.

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The intimate moment was captured as they entered the church and continued when they gazed upon the Michelangelo paintings inside the famous house of worship.

As Melania held onto the president during the viewing, some see it as a far cry from the "swat seen 'round the world," when she apparently batted away Donald Trump’s hand as they arrived in Israel earlier this week.

When the couple landed in Rome, the president reached out to grab his wife’s hand and she causally pulled away and fixed her hair.

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the first couple on his show Thursday night.

“We've seen how things have been going between him and Melania lately,” he said. “When Trump reached out, I know he had to be disappointed when the pope wouldn't hold his hand either.”

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The president and the first lady headed to Brussels, Belgium, Thursday for a NATO summit before returning to Italy. They will spend the weekend in Sicily. 

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