4-Year-Old Boy Gets 'Mrs. Doubtfire'-Themed Birthday Party

A 4-year-old boy stumped his mother when he said he wanted his birthday party's theme to be his favorite movie: "Mrs. Doubtfire."

Little Evan Kowalski could care less about kid stuff like the Transformers. His favorite movie is about a grown man who transforms himself into a British nanny.

So his mom, for his fourth birthday, threw a party featuring Mrs. Doubtfire incarnations, right down to the cake.

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The Michigan mother doesn’t know exactly why her son is so enamored with a goofy guy, played by Robin Williams, who dresses up like an older woman so he can spend time with his children by becoming their au pair.

“I wish I could tell you. It’s so funny,” Laura Kowalski told InsideEdition.com Thursday. A while ago, she decided to show him the hit 1993 movie because she adored it as a kid growing up.

“He loved it. He went on a Mrs. Doubtfire binge.” He’s watched the comedy, with Williams in some of his finest manic-sad moments, at least 20 times, his mom said.

He told his mother he wanted the film to be the theme for his birthday party, held earlier this month.

She was stumped trying to figure out how to pull that off. “I went on Google and there was nothing,” she said. She went on Etsy.com thinking there must be some products or games based on the movie. Nothing there, either.

Then she lucked out by finding Angie Claxon, owner of Cakes by Sweetypants, who was intrigued by the idea of making a Mrs. Doubtfire-birthday cake.

Laura got the idea of making fruit kabobs adorned with a sign that read, “It was a run-by fruiting!”

She stole the line from Williams, who utters it as Mrs. Doubtfire after pelting romantic rival Stu, played by Pierce Brosnan, in the head with a lime.

But it was the cake that stole the show and Evan’s attention.

“He absolutely so loved it,” his mom said. “His reaction to the cake was amazing.”

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It featured a head and bust of Mrs. Doubtfire, her dentures, the broom she used as a guitar, a soccer ball and two pot lids.

Evan’s mother didn’t remember the significance of the lids.

Her 4-year-old explained they referenced the scene where Mrs. Doubtfire’s expansive, but completely fake, bosoms burst into flames as she bent over a hot stove.

The nearest things to hand were the lids to two pots, which Williams used to smother the blaze.

“He can explain scenes from the movie better than I can,” she said.

Evan’s party guests seemed to have just as much fun as he did, his mother said.

“They were happy,” she said. “They loved it.”

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