Graffiti Promposal Defaces National Park Property

Did this guy take the prom trend a little too far?

Promposals seem to get more over-the-top each year, but one example of the trend in California appears to turn good, clean fun into an act of vandalism.

At the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, part of America's beloved National Park Service, someone spray-painted "Prom?" on one of the park's signature sandstone outcroppings. 

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And officials said it's happened before.

"Found near Sandstone Peak for the second year in a row. If you know anything about this promposal graffiti, contact dispatch at 661-723-3620" the park posted on its official Twitter account Thursday.

Incidents of defaced park property have made national news in years past.

Last June, a graffiti artist from New York City and pleaded guilty to vandalizing seven different national parks.

Casey Nocket, who uses the tag name "Creepy Tings," admitted to several tags, including one at pristine Crater Lake, where she defaced a rock that overlooks the crystal blue water.

She was tracked down after posting photos of her work on social media for the entire world to see.

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Santa Monica Mountains officials now hope social media will bring another vandal to justice.

The park service urges anyone with information on the vandalism, which occurred not far from the park's Sandstone Peak, to call 661-723-3620.

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