Trump Engages in Handshake Showdown With French President

Trump and France's President Emmanuel Macron exchanged a long and awkward handshake during this week's NATO summit.

In an epic handshake showdown between world leaders, President Trump and newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron exchanged some long and awkward interactions during NATO meetings this week.

Video footage shows Trump congratulating the newly elected French president just before the NATO summit in Brussels and sealing the meeting with an intense, white-knuckled handshake that was 6 seconds long.

When Trump started to let go, Macron continued to hold his hand for a few more seconds.

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"It is my great honor to be with the newly elected president of France who ran an incredible campaign and had a tremendous victory," Trump said before the exchange. "All over the world they're talking about it and we have a lot to discuss, including terrorism and other things. Congratulations, great job."

Macron posted a video after the NATO meeting of another odd exchange during which Macron and a group of world leaders, including Trump, walk toward each other.

Trump is seen with his palms toward Macron, who then makes a B-line away from Trump, and shakes hands with others while Trump stands waiting. Trump then grabs Macron's hand in another handshake that lasts several seconds, with Trump pulling Macron toward him, this time holding on for longer as Macron tries to let go, a reversal of their previous exchange.

Another of Trump's interactions came under fire during the NATO meeting this week as he was seen pushing the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way before a group photo op. 

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Trump arrived in Sicily yesterday for the G7 Summit with world leaders from seven industrialized nations to discuss such global political situations as climate change, trade and terrorism. 

The leaders have agreed on new counterterrorism action during the meeting in Taormina, Sicily, but could not agree on climate change, according to BBC News.

The news outlet reported that Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May will develop a post-Brexit trade deal.  

The G7 includes representatives from the U.S., the U.K., the European Union, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

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