Body Language Expert: What Trump's Awkward Interactions With World Leaders Reveal

From shoving Montenegro's prime minister to a lengthy handshake with France's newly elected president, what do the interactions reveal about Trump?

President Donald Trump has made multiple, uncomfortable headlines this week for his awkward interactions with other world leaders while on his foreign trip.

Now body language expert Tonya Reiman is giving more insight into what these interactions tell us about the commander in chief.

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On Thursday, President Trump appeared to push Montenegro's prime minister, Dusko Markovic, aside before a photo op at the NATO summit in Brussels.

"He needs to be in the front; he's the leader," Reiman said as she watched the footage. "Everybody else just needs to move out of the way and then he goes and adjusts [his jacket], and he lifts his chin in superiority."

She added that his actions say "he believes he's the most important person there."

Also on Thursday, Trump shared a lengthy handshake with France's newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron. The handshake was so intense that Trump's knuckles appeared to turn white.

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"Trump is used to having the upper hand... In this situation the tables are turned," Reiman said. "Instead of Trump having control, he's in a position where he's trying to let go."

How he's interacted with world leaders gives us a closer look at Trump's personality, Reiman said. 

"His body language reflects his personality... 'It's all about me,'" she said.

Watch: President Trump and French President's Epic White Knuckle Handshake