8 Moms-To-Be Who Fell Pregnant During Devastating Hurricane Matthew Gather For Photo Shoot

"There is beauty everywhere, even after the darkest of storms," their photographer said.

A group of eight South Carolina moms are celebrating 8 months of pregnancy with their miracle babies – all conceived around the time a hurricane destroyed their area.

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“The concept behind this photo shoot is that there is beauty everywhere,” photographer Cassie Clayshulte of Bluffton told InsideEdition.com. “Even after the darkest of storms.”

She recalled Hurricane Matthew devastating South Carolina’s Lowcountry region last October. “There were homes that were destroyed, there were businesses that took a hit – everybody had to evacuate,” she recalled.

Months after the natural disaster, she said she found many mothers who had become pregnant sometime during the storm, and was inspired to bring them together for a heartwarming photo shoot.

“I just put out a quick post on my Facebook page,” she explained. “I had a lot of people that were very excited. These were moms that are actively trying to start families, so these babies are really special.”

The eight moms-to-be lined up at a scenic location at Hilton Head Island, and posed along the beach in flowing gowns.

One mom, Clayshulte explained, had been undergoing IVF treatments up until the storm. When the hurricane hit, she was forced to stop treatment, yet by a miracle, she became pregnant anyway.

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Some of the other moms in the group also had fertility troubles or difficult pregnancies, but Clayshulte said she believed it was fate the devastating storm also brought their joy.

“When these terrible things happen, we don't always realize what God's plan is,” she explained. “Everybody seems to be doing great and I'm praying for happy and healthy deliveries for all of these babies.”

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