2 Men Charged After Allegedly Forcing An Alligator to Drink Beer

They then watch the animal swim away.

Two South Carolina men were charged after videos showed them forcing beer down an alligator’s throat, according to reports. 

Joseph Andrew Floyd Jr., 20, and Zachary Lloyd Brown, 21, reportedly picked up the juvenile alligator when they saw it crossing the road on Wednesday and then forced beer down its throat.

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The men then posted the videos of the ordeal on social media, authorities said. 

They also reportedly told police that they then watched the alligator swim away. 

“We started receiving a lot of e-mails and phone calls about this. People had taken screen shots from Snapchat accounts,” Kyndel McConchie, a spokesperson for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, told CNN.

In a picture shared by the agency, one man can be seen holding the gator with the beer to its mouth along with the caption “gator shotgun.”

Other photos reportedly show smoke being blown into the animal’s face. 

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Both men have been charged with harassing wildlife. 

“Alligators are protected under state law and even federal law where they are still listed as threatened solely due to their similarity of appearance to other endangered crocodilians worldwide,” SCDNR Alligator Program Coordinator Jay Butfiloski added.

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