Nick the Chick Gets a Specially Made Neck Brace After Cat Attack

He's clucky to be alive.

This Australian chicken is lucky to be alive — albeit with a twisted neck — after miraculously surviving two attempts on its life.

When Nick the chick was taken to a vet in Queensland earlier this month, staff devised a creative way to help him hold up his head: A chicken neck brace. 

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His unfortunate appearance has drawn comparisons to a Harry Potter character, Nearly Headless Nick. The ghost, played by John Cleese in the wizard films, was left with a sideways head after a botched beheading.

Nick the chick's caretakers believe he sustained his injuries after being dragged by a cat. The chick's owner then attempted to put him out of his misery by wringing his neck, according to Caters News.

When the attempt was unsuccessful, the owner contacted the vet. Nick was treated for bite wounds by the cat before he was moved to Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service.

There, vets crafted his chicken-sized neck brace.

One nurse, Madeline Rienecker, has grown particularly fond of the plucky bird and says he'll become part of her family once he's fully healed.

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"Chickens make the most incredible pets," she said. "Great personalities, fun to train and can be very affectionate.

"Nick has weaseled his way into my family already, so once he gets the all–clear from our vet, he will likely become a permanent fixture at my house."

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