Student Surprised With New Car and Proposal on Her Graduation Day: 'The Best Day of My Life' | Inside Edition

Student Surprised With New Car and Proposal on Her Graduation Day: 'The Best Day of My Life'

A degree wasn't all Maddison Figg got on her graduation day.

An Indiana woman had several of her dreams come true all in one day.

Maddison Figg, 22, graduated with her associate’s degree in nursing as her family and boyfriend, Aaron, watched. But while she fulfilled her dream to graduate from Ivy Tech Community College, she wasn’t expecting what came next.

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“It was just like a normal day," Figg told "I was all excited about graduation. All of my family came, like, everyone. I found them waiting for me by the front door. Aaron walked me out and every one had their phones out and they were in my face."

In a video shared by Caters News, Aaron then walked her over to a brand new Dodge Durango with a sparkling, red bow on top.

“I was in complete shock when I saw the car,” Figg said. “That’s the exact car I wanted if I could have any car in the world. We always talked about dream vehicles. I just instantly started crying and shaking.”

But Aaron wasn't finished. As the video shows, he then got down on one knee to ask her to marry him. He was joined by his son Carter, whom Maddison has raised for the past three years.

“I was just bawling my eyes out. All of my family was there so I really loved that. It was the best day of my life,” Figg said.

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Aaron said he planned the surprise for three months before the big day.

"I knew just how hard she had worked so hard to achieve her degree and wanted to show her how proud I was,” Aaron said. “Maddison has needed a new car and I knew I wanted to propose so it seemed the right moment to do both.”

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