Tiger Woods Was Found Asleep at the Wheel Before DUI Arrest: Police

The 14-time major champion said a "mix of medications" was to blame.

Speaking out for the first time since his DUI arrest over Memorial Day weekend, Tiger Woods is claiming he hadn't been drinking at the time, as a police report reveals he was found asleep at the wheel.

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"I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions," Woods said in a statement. "I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly."

The legendary golfer was pulled over at 3 a.m. Monday in his 2015 Mercedes Benz, not far from a restaurant he owns, The Woods in Jupiter, Fla. He had reportedly just left his $80 million estate.

Woods was found asleep at the wheel with the engine running and right turn signal flashing, a police report obtained by TMZ Sports said.

He told officers that he was "coming from L.A. California from golfing" before saying he didn't know where he was, according to the report. He additionally blew a zero on his field sobriety test, according to reports. 

He was taken to the county jail and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In the 41-year-old's now-notorious mugshot, he looks bleary-eyed, sporting messy hair and a scraggly beard.

He was released on his own recognizance at 10:50 a.m.

Woods has struggled to return to top form after his humiliating 2009 sex scandal that resulted in the implosion of both his marriage to Swedish model Elin Nordegren and his career at the tee.

He admitted to having affairs with a multitude of women and has since endured eight back surgeries — the latest coming last month.

"I haven't felt this good in years," he wrote in a blog post last week describing how the pain in his back has subsided.

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Woods has been dating professional stylist Kristin Smith, who was reportedly in Dallas shopping at Neiman-Marcus when she received word of Woods' arrest.

“I knew it, I knew it,” she was reported to have said, breaking down in tears

The 14-time major champion is now asking for forgiveness.

"I would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends and the fans," he said in his statement. "I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again."

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