Up, Up - and Awry! Newly Engaged Couple's Hot Air Balloon Ride Goes Horribly Wrong

After popping the question, getting back to the ground proved to be quite the challenge for this groom-to-be.

One marriage proposal got off to quite a bumpy start after a hot air balloon crashed with the Canadian couple inside.

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Stephen Martin took his girlfriend, Christine Peters, on a dream trip in a balloon in Edmonton, Alberta.

He popped the question to his bride-to-be during the special ride with his mom's ruby ring. But as they were celebrating, things took a turn for the worst.

Ten people, including the couple, were on board as the balloon hit a tree about 25 feet off the ground, according to reports.

“We knew we were in trouble when the trees were coming up super-fast,” he told Inside Edition.

“As a little kid, my dream was to go up in a hot air balloon,” she added. “I loved the idea of floating in the clouds.”

Martin said that as the flight neared its end and the balloon pilot looked for a landing site, everything went horribly wrong.

“There was a down draft, apparently, that forced the balloon down suddenly,” he recalled. “It happened so quickly that there was no chance to be afraid.”

“A huge branch the size of my arm came through the basket in two places,” she added.

A minute or so later, the balloon came in for a more conventional landing.

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“It could have been much worse with a less experienced pilot,” she said.

The couple is keeping pieces of the broken basket and the balloon to frame for their new home in Edmonton.

Surprisingly, the brush with disaster hasn't put them off ballooning.

“Maybe we'll go up for the one-year anniversary," they joked. "Who knows?"

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