Boy, 2, Has a Temper Tantrum on the Golf Course When He Can't Hit the Ball

Will, 2, can't seem to get the hang of it, even though his mom is pro golfer Amanda Blumenherst.

A weekend spent golfing was less than enjoyable for this toddler, who appears to have a temper tantrum on the green before giving up altogether.

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Will, 2, could be seen struggling on the golf course in a video posted to Twitter by his professional golfer mom, Amanda Blumenherst.

“Eventually, he actually does make it in,” Blumenherst, 30, of Scottsdale, Ariz., told “We were on that green for a while.”

Blumenherst, who took a break from her career in 2013 to focus on her family, said her son does have a love for golf, although it might not look like it in the video.

“His favorite part, though, is running around the golf course and driving the golf cart,” Blumenherst joked. “He’s gotten to a stage where he won’t let us play. When he sees a golf ball, he has to hit it. We don’t get much golf in when we take him.”

She explained that Will doesn’t seem to have a grasp on all the rules associated with golf. In fact, the version Will seems more inclined to play involves elements of baseball — most likely due to the fact that his father, Nate Freiman, is a professional baseball player.

“He’ll hit the golf ball and take off running like in baseball,” Blumenherst said. “He blends the two."

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On or off the green, Blumenherst said her eldest son is always high-spirited and full of goofy antics, whereas his younger brother, Charlie, who is 5 months old, is more go-with-the-flow.

Either way, both brothers are destined for athletic greatness.

“We’re around sports so much, it’s in their blood for sure,” she said. “It’s bound to happen.”

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