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After Tiger Woods' DUI Arrest, the Golf Champion's Astonishing Fall From Grace

He was making millions and flying high until an embarrassing sex scandal made him a punchline.

Tiger Woods' seemingly idyllic family life and high-flying golf career both came crashing down in a single night on Thanksgiving weekend in 2009.

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The 14-time major champion had crashed his SUV outside his Florida home after a bitter fight with his wife, Swedish model Elin Nordegren, over his infidelity.

Elin had reportedly smashed the windows of the SUV with a golf club. The incident brought scrutiny of Woods’ private life and a lurid tale emerged.

Over the next several months, as many as a 14 women were identified as having relationships with him.

They included Rachel Uchitel, a New York nightclub hostess, who became known as mistress No. 1.

Others included former Playboy Playmate Loredana Jolie; Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas model; and former porn star Joslyn James.

His wife filed for divorce after six years of marriage and he became a late night TV punchline on The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live.

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He made a humiliating public apology, and it turned into a compelling live TV event.

As the years went on, neither his personal life nor his golf game has ever fully recovered.

Nordegren reportedly received a $100 million settlement from her divorce to the golf icon. 

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