Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Blasts 'Infowars' Host: 'He's a Really Unhappy, Disturbed Person'

The two are currently engaged in a heated custody dispute.

The ex-wife of conspiracy theorist and radio talk show host Alex Jones is opening up about their marriage amid a vicious custody battle over their three children.

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Kim Jones says being married to a man who makes his living peddling conspiracy theories created issues from the start.

‘I just think he's a really unhappy disturbed person,” Kelly Jones told Inside Edition. “He really was very cruel to me every day of our marriage. He would just make fun of me, I couldn’t do anything right. He would tell me I was fat.”

Alex Jones runs the website Infowars, which recently included his theories about last week's Manchester bombing.

“Big bomb goes off at pop star concert, bombing a bunch of liberal trendies,” he said.

He also believes the September 11 terror attack was an inside job and once called the Sandy Hook school massacre a hoax.

His reaction to 9/11 in particular is especially disturbing to his former wife.

“I was going outside with a candle to stand with my neighbors on the sidewalk to mourn with them and he just yelled at me," she recalled. "I think on that very day he said there was conspiracy behind it and I just said, ‘Whoa!'" 

They divorced in 2015 after 12 years of marriage.

Her biggest heartbreak is the loss of her kids. Their children have been living primarily with their father with only occasional visitation with their mother.

‘I have gone months without seeing my children, I’ve gone weeks at a time without talking to them on the phone, even if the court had ordered I should see them," she said, adding, "Parental alienation is child abuse."

She fears her oldest son, who has appeared on Alex Jones' show, is morphing into his father.

“It’s so unfair to the child,” she said.

She has claimed in court that her ex had violent outbursts, proving he is not a fit parent.

Earlier this year, his lawyer countered by making the surprising argument that Jones is "playing a character" on his show and is actually a "performance artist.”

Jones swiftly denied those claims in this message, saying in a video: “I am completely real and everyone knows it.”

His ex-wife agrees, saying, “That is definitely him.” She added that he is a “raged-filled person.”

“Throughout the course of the divorce there was some crisis," he once said on his show. "My wife had to go away for some treatment,” he once said on his show.

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“Because of the way things have been manipulated and because I yelled at my children one time, basically, I have been in almost 800 hours of therapy," she said. "Alex was in 10 hours of therapy."

After a nine-day trial, a jury awarded Kelly joint custody of their kids on April 17, 2017, making her home the primary residence instead of their father's.


“I just want my kids to come home and have a normal life,” she said.

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