College Football Fans Get Engaged During Flip Cup Game, 6 Years After Meeting During One

They'll never go Solo again.

Two college football fans got engaged during a game of flip cup, six years after they met while doing the same thing.

Bryan Cross, 31, and Chelsea Maloney, 27, met in 2010 at a Florida State University tailgate party in 2010. Maloney had just started school and Cross had just graduated.

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“I went to a tailgate and he [Cross] was there and they just invited us to play flip cup and it was right before a football game so my friend and I said, 'Sure.' He was the opponent across from me," Maloney told

At some time during the game, the pair exchanged numbers.

“Neither of us remembers who gave who the number but the next time there was a football game I got a text. In my phone I had saved him as “flip cup kid” because I didn’t even remember his name and he saved mine as “tailgate girl,” Maloney said. “So then he messaged me saying, ‘Hey tailgate girl, come tailgate today.’”

Maloney said they would see each other and hang out at football games regularly, but Cross eventually moved to Tampa while Maloney finished school at Florida State.

In 2013, Cross returned to Tallahassee for a visit and the pair began dating. Maloney eventually moved to Tampa as well.

Last year in November, the couple returned to FSU to watch the school play their rival, University of Florida, and of course play flip cup.

“That Saturday we set up a tailgate... and everybody was like, 'Oh, let’s play flip cup’ and I originally didn’t want to play. I was like, ‘It’s 4 o’clock and the game is not until 8, I don’t really want to play right now. And they were like, 'No, come play,’" Maloney said. 

In a video captured of the moment, Maloney stands by her cup, opposite of Cross’, as they battle.

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“He already had my cup filled with beer. So I didn’t think anything of the cup. We played and I flipped the cup over and it said, ‘Marry me.’ I had to do a double take. I looked up at him and he was holding the box. I was just in shock and then I felt really good," Maloney said.

She said yes.

“He figured we met at a tailgate, we met at Florida State and we met playing flip cup so it couldn’t have been any more perfect to me,” Maloney said.

Looks like they both won.

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