Customer Brutally Beaten At McDonald's In Baltimore

When a McDonald’s customer was brutally beaten by two teen girls, a grandmother was the only one to step in to help as one McDonalds employee video taped the incident. INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman who is being called a hero.

It's the vicious beating caught on cell phone video that's gone viral and has outraged the nation.

A customer was savagely attacked at a McDonald's just outside Baltimore.

She was kicked and punched senseless by two women and dragged by her hair across the floor.  

Now we're hearing from the woman who's being hailed a hero because she was the only person in the restaurant who stepped in to stop the brutal attack.  

55-year-old Vicky Thoms told INSIDE EDITION she couldn't believe that no one else in the restaurant tried to help.

"I decided I couldn't take it anymore because it looked like they were killing her," said Thoms.

It turns out that the man who videotaped the horrific scene is a McDonald's employee. Instead of calling police, he can be heard laughing in the video.

"One of the employees was videotaping it and I thought that it was awful funny because why wasn't he helping her, instead of videotaping it," said Thoms.

Even after the victim suffered a seizure, you can hear the employee warn the two attackers that the police are on the way.

"It makes me sick in anger and disgust that somebody could do that to somebody," said Thoms.

Thoms was honored at a rally outside the McDonald's and received a hug of thanks from the family of the victim, a transgender woman who's now recovering from the beating.  

An 18-year-old woman and a 14-year-old are charged with the assault.  

It is just the latest shocking violence to take place in fast food restaurants. Another outburst broke out at a Massachusetts Denny's over syrup that one woman took from another table.

And an Ohio woman completely lost it at a McDonald's drive-through when she wasn't allowed to order chicken nuggets for breakfast.

After the Baltimore beating, McDonald's fired the employee who shot the video and says in a statement: "There's no room for violence under the Golden Arches, and we strongly condemn this brutal assault."

Thoms says she was just doing what anyone should do: "I'm not a hero. I just did what I thought was right."

Investigators are considering charging the two suspects with a hate crime.