'Playboy' Playmate Breaks Her Silence After Body-Shaming Photo: 'It Was Tasteless. It Was Immature'

The 30-year-old says the threats against her were so scary that she was forced to go into hiding.

Former "Playmate of the Year" Dani Mathers is breaking her silence about that notorious body-shaming photo she took in a Los Angeles gym locker room.

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“It was an honest mistake," she told Inside Edition. "It was tasteless. It was immature."

The scandal erupted last year when Mathers posted a photo of an unsuspecting 70-year-old woman naked in the locker room at an L.A. Fitness location with the words: "If I can't unsee this then you can't either."

The former Playboy model admitted that she “wasn't thinking” when she posted the image on Snapchat.

At the time, Mathers was on top of the world, but her career came to a crashing halt.

She was canned from her regular radio gig on the Heidi and Frank Show, and she became a pariah.

“The worst things [people said] I can't repeat on television,” she told Inside Edition. “I've had numerous death threats. I’ve received numerous emails that they would come kill me and my entire family.”

The 30-year-old says the threats were so bad, she went into hiding.

“I'm not seeing my friends," she said while fighting tears. “I’m not being a loving person, and I became angry. It's kind of like grieving. I was upset with myself."

Mathers maintains she never meant to post the gym photo.

“I had no intention of posting it publicly," she claimed. "That was intended for a private conversation that should have never happened."

She also regrets ever taking the picture, saying: “It was so wrong. I know the difference between right and wrong and I chose wrong.”

Mathers, who shamed the woman online, says she's now a victim of bullying.

She's making a plea for the hateful messages on her social media profiles to stop.

“I think the biggest problem people are having is because I am a Playboy playmate and I look the way I do, I shouldn’t be acting that way," she said. "I shouldn't be bullying. That goes both ways."

In court last week, Mathers pleaded no contest to invasion of privacy.

"She’s taken responsibly for everything she caused and she's taken responsibility for the hurt she's caused," her attorney, Tom Mesereau, told Inside Edition. "She's a good citizen.”

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She was sentenced to 30 days community service and must pay the victim restitution of $60.

Mathers apologized for the woman she photographed.

“I am sorry — I had no intention of hurting you,” she said. “I never had any intention of putting the photo out for everyone to see, it was wrong.”

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