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After Tiger Woods' Arrest, Simulation Shows How Dangerous Driving Is While Impaired

The Ford Motor Company has developed a "drugged driving suit" to show the effects of driving under the influence of narcotics.

Police are still trying to uncover the mystery how Tiger Woods end up in such a drugged out state?

He told the cops he was taking the prescription painkillers Vicodin and Rurix and one other mystery drug, possibly an anti-depressant.

But addiction expert Dr. Charles Sophy wonders whether Woods took something else as well.

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"There is something going on that needs to be looked at," he told Inside Edition. "It may not be a medical problem. It may be a mental health problem, an anxiety issue or a self-esteem issue."

The Ford Motor Company wanted to show drivers exactly how it feels drive under the influence of drugs and created a special vessel to do so.

People wear special goggles to simulate tunnel vision as well as headphones which play random sounds to confuse the driver, and a hand tremor generator makes it difficult to control your fingers.

Weights are also strategically placed on your arms and legs to throw you off balance and restrict movement.

Meanwhile, more unanswered questions are emerging about the hours before Woods' arrest at 2 a.m. Monday morning. 

Woods came to a halt at a major thoroughfare in Jupiter, Fla. He had been driving away from the area near his $80 million estate and his restaurant, The Woods.

When cops asked the golf icon where he was going, "He stated he did not know, that he just likes to drive,” according to reports.

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Police say Woods' 2015 luxury Mercedes was found stopped on the road with the engine still running and the car was in drive.

Woods had fallen asleep with his head was on the head rest. Both tires on the driver’s side were flat and there were scrapes on the front and rear bumpers. He had apparently hit a wall or a curb during his wild ride.

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