Thieves Steal 30,000 Condoms, $15,000 Worth Of Sex Toys in Twin Warehouse Robberies: Cops

Thieves struck at a Swedish sex toy company's Las Vegas warehouse twice last week.

Thieves have hit a rather unlikely target — a Las Vegas sex toy warehouse — making off with a fortune in booty.

Even more shocking is the fact that the same Sin City stealers have struck twice, cops say.

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The Swedish erotic toy company LELO says a box of some 30,000 condoms was first stolen Friday night.

The next day, police say the robbers struck again. This time, they rammed a vehicle through a delivery door before making off with boxes containing $15,000 worth of sex toys.

The second heist was caught on surveillance footage from the warehouse and made public by LELO.

While it's undeniably an unfortunate time for the folks at the Stockholm-based manufacturer, you wouldn't know if from their irreverent response to the burglaries.

"Honestly, it was easier when no one had heard of us," the company wrote in a blog post. 

Success, the company says, is what led to this crime.

"Now that our name is really out there, we’ve become victims to a theft the likes of which the world has never seen. Gah, the pressures of fame. Woe is us. Et cetera, et cetera," they wrote.

In addition to poking fun at themselves, LELO took the opportunity to ridicule the thieves.

"Criminal geniuses at work. Smashing the rear window of their own car to shovel in booty faster is a particularly efficient touch. Saves on the air conditioning too. One hopes that they stole those condoms, got into a time machine, went back 18-25 years (by the looks of it), and presented them all to their own fathers.

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"And you know the dumbest part of this? In a few days we’re about to give away THOUSANDS of HEX™ condoms for free anyway. They could have just waited and asked for them like everyone else, instead of ruining the paintwork on a perfectly good SUV," the blogger joked.

A rep for LELO says video of the theft has been handed over to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. 

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