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Snaggletooth the Giant, Strolling Gator Has Some Serious Swagger

And he has 32 babies waiting for him at home.

Nothing to see here, folks — just a 10-foot-long gator enjoying a woodland stroll.

The beast, named Snaggletooth, was filmed walking casually towards a brave photographer at Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve.

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The gator, who got his name from a tooth that juts out from his lower jaw, has lived alongside residents and photographers at the preserve for more than two decades.

His pregnant mate, "Big Momma," was nowhere to be seen, and was likely caring for their 32 babies as Snaggletooth took his stroll.

Despite how he may appear, nearby residents say he's a gentle giant.

"This animal has not shown signs of aggression toward any human," Carol Gowing, who posted the video, wrote on Facebook. "Instead, he has enabled many of us to witness what most people will never see or even come to know, true alligator behavior."

Still, the photographer wasn't taking any chances, and maintained a 15-20 foot distance from the gator, per the park's guidelines.

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"The video is kind of shaky because I am walking backwards trying to keep a respectable distance between us!" she wrote. "AND used a zoom lens for those that are asking!"

For more images of Snaggletooth, also dubbed "Loosescrew," visit Clyde Butcher's Big Cypress Gallery.

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