INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander's Mama Blog: Cooking For Royals

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander continues her mama blog with a royal wedding theme remembering the love Princess Diana showed for her two sons.

Hello friends!

I figured it would only be appropriate to write a Mama Blog on the week of the Royal Wedding. As we all watch Prince William walk down the aisle, it's hard not to think of Diana, and how much she loved her boys. I will forever remember those photos of her hugging her boys so tight when she would greet them after a trip away, holding their hands as she took them for walks, and proudly presenting them as babies to the world for the first time.

I had the great privilege to travel to Dallas recently and interview Chef Darren McGrady, who served as head chef for Princess Diana and her boys in Kensington Palace until her tragic death. Darren shared with me his fond memories of the boys coming into the kitchen, what their favorite meals were, and how "regular" Diana seemed. He said she was a friendly, vibrant, and loving person who ADORED her boys. He shared some great stories in our interview!

As I get ready to have my own little one, may my boy feel the same strong love that Diana showed to Princes William and Harry. I know you will enjoy this story, and learn some great cooking tips, too! After I interviewed Darren, I made Cottage Pie (one of Prince William's favorites) and it was a hit in my household. Darren also has a cookbook out which I highly recommend, and his cottage pie recipe is inside.

Enjoy! Happy Royal Wedding Week!

- Megan Alexander