Horrifying Video Shows Shootout that Left 2 Bounty Hunters and Fugitive Dead at Car Dealership | Inside Edition

Horrifying Video Shows Shootout that Left 2 Bounty Hunters and Fugitive Dead at Car Dealership

Two bounty hunters and an accused drug dealer were killed in the terrifying exchange of gunfire.

Two bounty hunters and the fugitive they were looking for all wound up dead in a hail of bullets inside a Dallas car dealership Wednesday in a harrowing situation caught on camera.

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The arrest by two bounty hunters, identified as F.N.G. Security and Investigations employees Fidel Garcia, Jr. and Gabriel Bernal, went wrong after fugitive Ramon Hutchinson, who was wanted in Minnesota, reached for his gun.

Hutchinson, 49, had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a first-degree drug charge in Minneapolis.

As bullets flew across the dealership, a terrified woman hid in the restroom and called 911.

“At the Nissan dealership, there's been a shooting," the panicked woman can be heard whispering. "I'm hiding in the bathroom. Please hurry. Someone's shooting in the building. I'm in the bathroom. Please hurry!”

In total, 20 shots were fired in just six seconds. When the dust cleared, the three men were dead.

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In the video, Hutchinson can be seen with a gun in his hand. He drops it on a desk and all three struggled for it just before the shots ring out.

TV's famed "Dog the Bounty Hunter," Duane Chapman analyzed the video for Inside Edition.

"The first thing that I believed went wrong was that there was no bulletproof vest worn by either of the bounty hunters,” he said. “I think about what I would have told my sons and daughters to do, which would have been when you see the guy, Taze him.

"You got to really watch yourself, it is getting more dangerous for police officers and bounty hunters — anyone in law enforcement across the United States every single day.”

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