Elin Refuses to Be in Family Portait

A new report says that Elin Woods refused to appear in a family portrait that Tiger Woods wanted to have taken close to the time of his public apology. INSIDE EDITION has the details. 

It's another Tiger Woods family drama. A new report says his wife Elin refused to pose for a family portrait with Tiger the night before his nationally televised public apology.

In the days leading up to his big public appearance, Woods was pictured jogging, and then golfing. But the disgraced superstar was reportedly preparing for the biggest photo op of all—an updated family photo like the one taken in happier times just after the birth of Woods's son Charlie.

Elin is said to have gotten very upset when Woods told her he arranged for a family portrait to be taken. "She was angry," a source close to Elin tells radaronline.com. "She told him absolutely no way."

Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION has obtained a copy of the letter signed "Elin and Tiger Woods," apologizing to families at their daughter Sam's pre-school for the presence of paparazzi.

"We would like to share our appreciation for your support over the past several months and offer our personal apology for the increased media scrutiny surrounding our children. It is our goal to keep life as normal as possible for our children. For Sam, that normalcy means attending the school she enjoys so much."

INSIDE EDITION is also learning more about Woods's treatment for sex addiction from a therapist who studied under Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of Gentle Path, who is now believed to be treating Woods at the Meadows Clinic in Arizona.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to therapist Bart Mandell, who said, "They're dealing with issues of pain, of shame, of guilt."

Mandell said Tiger's daily schedule likely includes:

- Morning meditation and exercise.

- Obstacle courses and eye movement exercises to build trust with other patients.

Woods is also reportedly doing art therapy, in which he draws stories about himself and his sexual past. Each day patients also have group meetings where they describe how they have hurt their friends and families.