Cooking With Royal Chef Darren McGrady

INSIDE EDITION talks to Buckingham Palace’s former Senior Chef about what he thinks has a good chance of being on the menu for the royal wedding.

If anyone knows what's likely to be on the menu at Will and Kate's wedding, it's world famous chef Darren McGrady.

"Is there a really good chance this could be on the menu for the banquet?" INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked.

"Yes, they both love salmon. This could be the first course," said McGrady.

McGrady was senior chef at Buckingham Palace for eleven years and personal chef to Princess Diana until her tragic death.

He says young Prince William would always pop in and out of the kitchen.

"I was getting food ready and he said to me ‘Darren, when I grow up I'm going to be a police motorcyclist.' I stopped and looked and said, 'William I think they have other plans for you,'" McGrady said.

As for the main course on Will's wedding day, chef McGrady says a royal favorite is Gaelic Steak. The preparation begins with seasoning tenderloin of beef filets with salt and pepper and then placing the steaks into a pan.

"Prince William will have his medium and the Queen really likes her beef well cooked," added McGrady.

While filets are cooking, slice up mushrooms and onions. Then add some cognac, heavy cream, stir and simmer. Garnish with chives and it's a meal fit for a royal wedding!