Man With 'Joker' Face Tattoos Arrested for Second Time in a Week: Cops

A little over a week ago, Florida man Lawrence Sullivan was accused of waving a gun at cars. This time, cops say he was in possession of marijuana.

The Joker is allegedly at it again.

The tattoo-faced Florida man, who made headlines just over a week ago when cops said he was waving a gun at traffic, has been arrested a second time.

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This time Lawrence Sullivan, who sports the permanent pasty grin of Batman's biggest foe inked into his face, has been charged with possession of marijuana.

Sullivan, 29, was slapped with the misdemeanor just over a week after witnesses called 911 claiming they had seen a man with green hair and facial tattoos like the Joker from The Dark Knight pointing a loaded handgun at vehicles driving past him, according to CBS Miami.

Officers responding to the reports discovered Sullivan leaving an apartment complex, according to police.

A policeman found a Smith & Wesson handgun with six rounds in the clip, according to an arrest affidavit.

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Sullivan told the officer, “I don’t have a permit because it’s too expensive,” the document said.

At a bail hearing in Miami, Sullivan told the judge he did not want a public defender.

“I don’t feel like signing the papers,” he said.

But a few moments later, he accepted the offer of counsel and was charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

His facial markings include the word “Joker” emblazoned on his forehead.

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