Latest News From London

Rehearsals for the royal wedding are underway as Westminster Abbey is transformed into a magical forest. Meanwhile, where is the security for William and Kate, who have been seen driving themselves around town? INSIDE EDITION reports from London.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have each been photographed driving their own cars, and some are shocked by their lack of protection.

"What's up with Kate and William driving themselves to London? Where is the security?" Meredith Vieira said on the Today show.

Middleton was photographed with her hair tied in a loose bun and driving out of her parents' house with sister Pippa heading to London. Her only security was the bodyguard in the backseat.

Middleton and the bodyguard hit the road again this morning. In a photo of the car you can see a document in the backseat with the words "With so much love within your hearts."

Could it be one of readings for Friday's royal wedding?

1,000 military officers gathered before dawn today for a full-scale dress rehearsal of the wedding processional, including all the Queen's horses and Queen's men marching along the parade route.

600,000 people are expected to line the streets of London along the parade route and police are asking for the public's help to protect the royal couple. They want spectators to be their eyes and ears and if they see something, say something.      

After the dress rehearsal INSIDE EDITION's cameras captured the cleanup crew working with the precision of a military operation. They were sweeping and spraying the streets for the big day.   

And Westminster Abbey is being transformed into a romantic forest for the royal 'I do's' with a virtual "Avenue Of Trees" being placed in the iconic church per Middleton's instructions. The English field Maple trees are 20 feet tall and weigh a half a ton each.

Middleton's sister Pippa is reportedly ruffling feathers with her party planning for the evening reception at Buckingham Palace. It's said she wants to hang disco balls in the state rooms, leading the Daily Mail newspaper to blare: "Pippa Middleton's party plans peeve the Palace."

Also spotted was a van packed with the Middleton family's wardrobe for all the wedding festivities. Bellmen carried the garment bags into the elegant hotel, where the Middleton's are staying.

And one newspaper is claiming that Middleton is having a recurring nightmare.

"She apparently keeps dreaming that she turns up to the Westminster Abbey naked, wearing nothing but a crown. It's a normal anxiety dream," said INSIDE EDITION's Special Correspondent Amanda Holden.