Nun and Cop Play a Game of 'Keepie Uppie' With Soccer Ball During Street Fair

The nun gave the cop a run for his money, despite being in full religious habit.

It doesn’t seem like a nun and a police officer have much in common, until you toss them a soccer ball.

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Bystanders witnessed the unlikely pair playing a game of "keepie uppie" with a soccer ball on the streets of Limerick, Ireland, last week.

Even in full religious habit, this Dominican Sister appears to have no problem keeping up with the nimble cop, Garda O’Connell, of the Henry St. Community Policing Unit.

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“We’re not sure who won this time,” Garda Síochána — Cork, Kerry & Limerick — Southern Region, wrote on their Facebook post. “A rematch will have to be rescheduled."

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